Another Lost Magazine

One of my favorite situations (and probably a favorite for any working writer) is establishing a relationship with an editor and then writing regularly for that individual over a long period of time. I’ve enjoyed this type of working relationship with a number of editors and magazines over the years, but editors move, budgets get slashed, and magazines close or are sold, and sometimes a combination of these things occurs, and “poof,” it’s time to find a new magazine.

For four years (mid-2000 to mid-2004), I wrote for North Shore Magazine. I was freelancing, but hardly a month passed that I didn’t have a feature story in the magazine, and sometimes two. This stretched out across the tenure of two different editors. Then a new editor came in and concurrently budgets were slashed, and freelancers were a thing of the past (as already harried editors took on the job of writing, too). However, my articles were still on their website, so I had a place to send people to show them what I could do.

Recently, North Shore Magazine was sold. The new owners have a completely different vision for the magazine, and the overhaul was so extensive, they even got rid of the archives. So all my stores vanished. So I thought that, for the next few weeks, I would simply post a few of my favorite stories from this era here, so that the links on my web site (—the ones designed to show editors and other potential employers what I can do—have something to connect to once again, since those archives are gone.

So, starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to read a few of the magazine articles that I think turned out pretty well.

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