Travel Discount

I just got a letter from Overseas Adventure Travel asking me to encourage folks to take a trip with them. I’ve traveled with them a number of times (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan), and I have a very high opinion of their operation. So if you’re looking for a great tour to an exotic location, I can heartily recommend OAT.

To sweeten the deal, they enclosed a card saying that anyone who has never traveled with OAT before who mentions my name and customer number will get $100 per person off their first tour booking.

Be advised, OAT only books travel departures from the U.S., so if you’re reading this in Sydney, it would be kind of out of your way. But if you’re in or near the U.S., that $100 per person might be a nice bonus, encouraging you to try out this outstanding operator. (Not just tourist sites — home-hosted dinners, lectures with experts on local culture, visits to schools, cooking lessons, and lots of other opportunities to help you really get immersed in your destination.) And the groups are small — usually 16 or fewer people. So you can get into places and do things that you can’t do on a bigger tour.

Check out OAT at for more details on available trips.

And don’t forget to mention my name and customer number — Cynthia Clampitt, customer number 000637771A — to get $100 off for each person for your first trip with OAT.

Happy travels!


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2 responses to “Travel Discount

  1. Glad to have found your blog via the Freelance Writer’s Connection on LI, Cynthia.

    You have some lovely content here. I’m hoping to get over to Australia in the next year to check out your chocolate!

    • Thanks, Doreen. And actually, you wouldn’t be checking out “my” chocolate, as I’m based near Chicago. I’ve just spent a huge amount of time traveling in Australia. If you’re heading for Oz, my book, Waltzing Australia, might help you prepare — lots of history and background, plus a glossary of Aussie terms. It’s in both print and Kindle formats. But however you prepare for the trip, I imagine you’ll love Australia and Australians — and their chocolates.

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