Lost Recipes Found

Food memories–they are strong and important and connect us to where we came from, whether “where we came from” is a place, a time, or a relationship in our personal histories. The iconic example of this has long been Marcel Proust’s waxing lyrical over madeleines and lime-blossom tea. More recently, we saw the food critic in the animated feature “Ratatouille” dissolve back to childhood at the taste of a dish that conjured his past.

But sometimes, those memories are just that–memories–because those tastes have vanished from our lives. Never fear, Monica Kass Rogers is here. On her site, Lost Recipes Found, Monica shares her pursuit of foods from the past, recreating and sharing the recipes for foods that were part of our histories. (To be honest, the great photographs and wonderful descriptions will probably make you want to try the recipes even if the dishes in question aren’t something from your own personal journey.) The site also offers a “swap shop,” where you can list a recipe you are seeking or contribute one, if it’s one you know.

This is a gorgeous site, but it’s also a lot of fun, tripping down a tantalizing memory lane, thinking back to when you last had that pie, cake, sandwich, or other taste treat. So check out Lost Recipes Found–I think you’ll enjoy it.

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