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Jordanian Pastry

In the previous post, on traveling in Jordan, I mentioned stopping at Anabtawi/Holy Land Sweets in Amman. That’s it pictured above—or, rather, part of it. There were a tremendous number of delightful options on offer, from flaky and honey soaked to crisp and nut covered. The round pans in the photo are the traditional pans in which virtually all Jordanian pastries are baked.

We had the opportunity to sample many sweets, both at the store and elsewhere during our travels. However, though everything was delicious, there was one item that delighted me more than the rest—the rich, crumbly, nutty cookie called barazek. It took a bit of research and a little experimentation, but I came up with a recipe that comes pretty close to replicating what I had in Jordan—even without the round pans and impressive ovens. Enjoy. Continue reading

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