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Amazon Prime-Kindle

I posted this information on my other blog, but then I remembered that most of the folks who subscribe to that blog do not subscribe here, and vice versa. However, though my book, Waltzing Australia, is not as strongly focuses on food as this site is, it shares with this blog a focus on travel–so I’m putting the announcement both places.

Shortly after my book, Waltzing Australia, went live for Kindle readers, Kindle Digital Publishing asked me if I’d consider giving them exclusive rights to the book for the next 90 days. So the planned version for other ereaders is being postponed. However, there is good news for Kindle owners who are also Amazon Prime members: you can check Waltzing Australia out of the Members Lending Library for free.

Both the print version and Kindle version will still be available for sale, if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member — or if you simply prefer to own the books you read. But for anyone with Amazon Prime, you can now read Waltzing Australia for free, as one of your membership benefits.

I hope this leads to many more people sharing my adventures, and that more people will find out what a dandy travel destination Australia is.


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