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Intro to Korean Food

(When I wrote this article back in 2001, Korean food was well established in the Chicago area but still unfamiliar to most non-Koreans. I had titled the piece “The East that’s Known Least.” It was retitled “Some Like it Hot,” with the subtitle “Korean Food is Spicy, Savory and an Adventure to Eat.” The new title actually went better with what was left of my article, because the several paragraphs about Korea’s history were cut out in the published version. My title referred not just to the food, but to the entire story of Korea, so the change made sense. However, I’m a big fan of South Korea, so while I’ll cut those paragraphs here, so this matches what was published, I’ll post them later—because I think the story is remarkable. Not right for an intro to Korean food in a glossy magazine, I now realize, but still a story I love telling. So here is the article from North Shore Magazine. [The black patches on the page shown in the photo were side bars. One is the recipe that follows this piece. The other was a list of Korean restaurants and grocery stores. Alas, one of my favorite restaurants, Garden Buffet, has closed. The number of stores, however, has increased dramatically.])

“Want to try something new?” has long been a common question in my family. About a dozen years ago, a response of “yes” to my brother’s asking it landed me in a corner booth at the family-owned Mandarin House in Evanston. However, this time, the “something” wasn’t just a new restaurant, it was a new cuisine. This was to be my introduction to Korean food. Pleased to be sharing his latest discovery, my brother offered to do the ordering. Always appreciative of a good guide in new territory, I again said “yes.” Continue reading


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