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Living By the Sword

(Okay—this one isn’t about food. But I loved meeting these guys and writing the story.)

A look of rage passed across the otherwise handsome face of the dark-haired man as he grabbed the shirt front of the young, fair-haired man facing him. A loud thwack made it obvious that his fist connected with his opponent’s face. He showered blows upon the young man, dropping him to his knees. Then he kicked him; kicked him again. It was all over in a few bruising minutes.

Brushing his hands together, signifying an end to the fight, the dark-haired man moved away from the motionless, crumpled body. He turned to face the crowd of onlookers and noted cheerfully, “I could tell from your reactions that the fight was convincing. Let’s go through it again, in slow motion, to show you how it’s done.” The fair-haired victim sprang to his feet, grinning.

Though the audience was shaken, it was obviously just another day’s work for Richard Gilbert and David Gregory. This dynamic duo are partners in R&D Choreography, theatrical “violence designers.” They are fight choreographers, stage combat instructors, and stunt men—and they know how to make you feel their pain. Continue reading

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