More on Morocco

A while back, I published a post about my trip to Morocco. More recently, I was encouraged to put my notes from the trip on Wattpad (a site for writers to share their work–ostensibly in an effort to promote themselves as writers, though I haven’t seen that happen). So if you’re interested in a more detailed account of my visit, you can read my Morocco Diary on Wattpad. The gray menu bar at the top of the text box gives you access to each successive day. This is, in fact, a transcript of my diary from the trip, so it’s not polished — but there is a lot of information that might be interesting and useful, especially if you wanted to visit Morocco yourself.

If the trip sounds good to you, you might want to know that I went with Overseas Adventure Travel. If you’ve never traveled with them before, they’re an excellent outfit. I recommend them highly. Also, if haven’t traveled with them, you can give them my name and customer number (000637771A) and you’ll get $50 off your first tour.

Hope you enjoy the adventure — and maybe even become inspired to head off on your own Moroccan Odyssey.



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3 responses to “More on Morocco

  1. I spent 3 weeks volunteering in Morocco last Fall. What an amazing country!

    • I agree — astonishing in its beauty, complexity, and antiquity. Plus the people were great and the food was amazing. And what an amazing adventure to have volunteered there, Sucheta. I’d be interested to know what you were doing.

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